Why OTPLESS platform is a game changer for the WordPress developer community?

Kailash Chandra Sahu
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OTPLESS company brought a new solution called ‘Login with WhatsApp’.

It’s a freedom from the regular traditional login system with email id and password or the phone number and OTP login system.

It’s unique, fast and reliable.

In the 8 billion worldwide population nearly 2.4 billion people use WhatsApp on a daily basis, they are no hidden truth that WhatsApp is cost-effective, timesaving and has a better user experience for the users making it preferable for all rather than going for email or SMS (where sending media is not possible).

OTPLESS brings the solution to Integra the login system in any website or app with WhatsApp.

There will be no requirement to enter any OTP for the user and taking minutes just to figure out the login with a long email id and password-based system.

Generally, users don’t trust OTP-based systems as they can be any kind of hidden phishing attack.

When a user tries to log in with this system, they have to click on a button on the login page as log in with WhatsApp then it will be redirected to their WhatsApp, and they get a message with a direct link to the concerned website or app and when the user Clicks on it they are logged in successfully.

It’s that easy.

For more clarification watch the below video from OTPLESS with OTP-based login system vs OTLLESS login system⤵️


As a WordPress developer, I have always suffered to Integra the mobile OTP-based login system.

Working with Google firebase, creating new projects, generating API and integrating WordPress plugins with OTP based login system is a hectic task for a non-coded or Anon-geeky guy.

Sometimes the concerned plugin doesn’t act or work as it should. The Google firebase API is supported by very limited WordPress plugins which are not that user-friendly.

Finally getting a solution to log in with the OTPLESS system is no more than a significant achievement!

The best part is that it’s absolutely free and costs Rs.0 to be integrated into the website. It takes literally a couple of minutes to get the work done.

If you face any difficulty integrating with your website or app, you can schedule a meeting with the tech team of OTPLESS. They will soon give a schedule where we can get a solution and installation guidance personally face to face with a Zoom call.

That’s why it’s a real game-changer. A boon for every WordPress Developer.

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